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Welcome to Walking With Dementia


The word brings up a lot of questions and emotions for all of us.

We know it effects the brain, but what does that mean? If I have noticed changes in myself or someone else, are these changes normal? Not normal?

What I offer is information around brain changes related to Persons Living with Dementia. This gives care partners a deeper understanding of the physical reality and perspective for a person living with the disease. In turn we can learn and use different approaches, so that we can maintain or regain the connections and relationships that are so important to all those involved.

These improved relationships have an opportunity to grow and move outward. This will provide the potential to create dementia friendly and inclusive spaces and places within our communities. With this shift in perspective we can all begin to see the person, not the disease. Let's learn to Walk with Dementia.

In the near future I plan on presenting a three part mini series for the public on:
"whats normal/not normal aging"® An exploration of what normal or not normal aging looks like.

"The gems"® Which is based on Allen Cognitive Levels.
This series gives information on how to work "with" a person at every stage of dementia.

Finally Hand-under-Hand ® and Positive Approach®. This skill helps to connect, guide and provide help with fine motor skills while giving a sense of control to the Person Living with Dementia.

Servicing Vancouver Island
Port Alberni, Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo

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