walking with dementia

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walking with dementia

Working in a Long Term Care Facility for 12 years as a nurse, I understand how difficult working with person's living with dementia can be. I didn't however, always understand how difficult that life was for a person living with dementia.

In 2014, I went to a seminar hosted by Teepa Snow. She has been a dementia educator for 30+ years. Her methodology is called " Positive Approach® to Care".

Teepa explained as only she can, exactly what is happening in the brain of a person living with dementia. She was able to have her student's for a time physically experience some of what dementia "feels" like for that person. She really helped me to understand that what we called "behaviours" were actually communications. Sometimes strong communications and it was up to those without brain damage to try to understand what those communications meant.

I was inspired that day. I have taken both the coaching certification and more recently the training certification in Positive Approach® to Care. My goal is to educate people from the perspective of the person living with dementia. To help them to understand that a person living with dementia is doing the best that they can at any given time. That it is the relationship that is most critical, not the outcome.

With education I believe that reactions to situations can change to thoughtful responses that improve the quality of life for everyone involved. As a result of this greater understanding, I believe interactions are going to be better. Relationships deeper and more fulfilling whether personal or professional. This is important, because dementia doesn't just touch one person. It's all of us.

Let's learn to walk with Dementia.

Continuing Education

Twelve Years as a practicing Licensed Practical Nurse

Independent PAC Certified trainer, coach and dementia educator

Palliative Care Medical Intensive Course

Symptom Management Life and Death Matters

University of Victoria: Wound Management for Health Professionals Level 1 and 2

Vancouver Island University: Wound Care for Nurses

Vancouver Island University: Foot Care 1 and 2

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